The infamous Trenbolone cough [PART 2]


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Can Tren cough be prevented? I think it can. As we learned yesterday that the cough is caused by a higher dose of solvents getting into our bloodstream through micro-vascular openings known as micro-capillaries, the reverse engineering solution would suggest that one would want to avoid injecting into those micro-capillaries. With this diagnosis in mind, there are four major ways we can avoid the Tren cough:

1.) Experiment with different injection site locations. Some areas of your body will be more vascular than others. For me, if I inject anywhere into my upper outer quadrant of my quadriceps, I stand a high chance of experiencing the respiratory distress with injection from a number of anabolic steroid preparations. However, if I inject into the medically approved area of my shoulder, I never experience the respiratory distress.

2.) Inject slowly. The faster you inject an oily solution, the more trauma you risk at the site, which can almost burst its way into micro-capillaries, resulting in respiratory symptoms.

3.) Experiment with different lengths and gauges of needles. With enough experimentation, you will discover a depth and rate of injection that can alleviate the chances of Tren cough occurring. Many report deeper injections help.

4.) Combine Trenbolone with other anabolic steroids in the same injection. By diluting your Trenbolone solution with other anabolic steroids, you effectively reduce the number of solvents as most other anabolic steroid preparations contain less solvents because of their lower melting points.

Whether you need to incorporate one or all four of these tips, I guarantee you’ll find a way to reduce or completely eliminate the dreaded Trenbolone cough. Less stress, more muscle!

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  1. Scoobs

    I agree with the slow injection on tren and if possible with your cycle, mix it with your test or whatever else you’re running.

    I’ve run tren three times. The first cycle I got the cough/feeling at different levels almost every injection day due to injecting at the regular speed I use for everything else.

    I slowed the injection down drastically (approximately three minutes to inject a 1ml mixture of tren and other compounds) and have not had the cough since. I’ve had the feeling you get before it comes on but only mildly and on rare occasions.

    Vastly improved from injecting at a regular pace.

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