Quick tips for dosing HGH for fat loss vs gaining mass

There exists no HGH dosing protocol that can do one thing and not the other. Human Growth Hormone directly targets lipolysis and anabolism at the same time through a number of direct and indirect pathways. Truly, HGH really is a body recomposition tool. There is however ways to favour one side or the other.


Dosing HGH before no activity will favour anabolism (gaining mass). This is because the post HGH dose cascades are energy demanding processes and if activity gets in the way, then less energy is available to optimise growth. And hence, this is how the before bed schedule came to be. It is less important that your natural GH production has its largest pulse around bed time. Your natural pulse of GH is like comparing a pop stick to the thigh versus a baseball bat. Your natural GH was never and will never be significant enough to cause any real life value, because if it did, you wouldn’t be considering using exogenous HGH. So to all of the intermittent fasters out there, please stop with the GH argument. It is doing jack even when it is elevated while you are fasting. It is what I like to call clinically insignificant. Your body is smarter than you are.


Once you recognise in order to go to big boy town you need the right drugs, you will begin to appreciate your naturalness less and instead begin to appreciate what HGH can do for you in the right time and environment. Another way to replicate the before bed scenario is to dose your HGH post workout if you are planning on lazing around for a while, with a good meal or two.


In order to favour fat loss, it is hard to go past the (protein sparing) fasted scenario first thing in the morning. By simply waking, injecting HGH, then jumping on a cardio machine with some essential amino acids or WPI to sip on, you will favour fat loss. This is one of my favourite protocols to get into shape quick if maximising mass isn’t your priority. Of course, you can dose all three protocols in the same day, but by increasing the frequency of HGH doses, you significantly increase your chance of side effects; namely water retention and insulin resistance. We can mitigate some of these side effects with insulin and/or metformin or other glucose regulating agents, but it is my opinion that choosing one protocol at a time and using HGH over the long term is going to yield the best bang for your buck. You can’t gain mass if you’re not healthy. I have no quarrels if you’re short for time and need to get in shape before a deadline. Using all 3 protocols in the same day over the course of 12 weeks in conjunction with insulin will show significant improvements to ones mass and condition. Keep it simple and choose a priority before whacking in your next dose of HGH.


I hope this helps! Any specific questions related to this post do not hesitate to ask in the comments section below or email us at info@austeroids.is
– Dave from Austeroids.is

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