DNP – Just How Effective Is It?

  A question I’m often asked is if DNP is effective for fat loss? Umm, not only is DNP effective, DNP is probably the only drug that lives up to its hype. I have seen people go from soft to lean in literally 30 days or less. Careful though. Dosing DNP too high can and […]

How to use Lantus to bring up a lagging body part

In the United States, this idea is one that is commonly used among many nuanced bodybuilders. Let’s begin with a definition of what Lantus is and what it does in the body. Lantus is a long acting form of exogenous insulin that takes about an hour to work after subcutaneous administration and will last for […]

[DISTRUBTED NOT CREATED] DatBtrue’s guide to Mod/GHRP usage

  For those of you unaware, the late and great alias by the name of DatBtrue, was a man that ran a semi-secret, invites only forum for serious PED hobbyists and enthusiasts, which many will argue, contained the best advice on the interenet surrounding the use of performance enhancement medications. He was particularly famous for […]

Blood tests. Private services vs seeing your local GP

  A blood test is something we all should do regularly if we are using performance enhancing drugs. I do not think anyone in the know would disagree with that. The next question is what blood tests should we get? In another article on the forum, this is explained and you can read about that […]

Trenbolone low test, high tren

Trenbolone, like all anabolic steroids is a derivative of testosterone. Trenbolone is part of the 19-nor family and is…wait, should I just stop right here? Raise your hand if you have read every Trenbolone article there is that introduces the anabolic steroid just as I have begun too. I know, we know—and we do not […]