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For those of you unaware, the late and great alias by the name of DatBtrue, was a man that ran a semi-secret, invites only forum for serious PED hobbyists and enthusiasts, which many will argue, contained the best advice on the interenet surrounding the use of performance enhancement medications. He was particularly famous for his knowledge on the use of GHS (Growth Hormone Secretagogues). The forum was shutdown or closed by DatBtrue himself who publicly revealed that his chronic health issues had taken a turn for the worst and that he could no longer keep up his efforts on the forum. By the hints he left on the forum, one of the main reasons he shifted his attention towards these medications was because of their potential to assist in many disease states. He attributed his survival to several peptides and medications in particular, for providing him with life extension he may not have been able to experience without their use. Others say the forum was shutdown and the reasoning was a cover to deter law enforcement. Many believed that DatBtrue was behind the supply of the very peptides he discussed. None the less, even if the later reason were the case, DatBtrue was a highly intelligent man and his contribution to the community still has a positive effect. Today, I leave you all with an extract of his writing on the many uses of the combination of Modified GRF (1-29) and the GHRP’s Ipamorelin, GHRP-2 and GHRP-6. Enjoy.


Dosing Levels and protocols for Mod/GHRP usage (Level 1 to Level 7)

People seem to be confused at times over all the different possible dosing schemes… can you go below saturation doses, can you go above saturation doses, what does more times a day mean, how can synthetic growth hormone be added, what do professionals do, how about healing… so here is a very rough guide:

LEVEL 1 – Minimalist Anti-Aging

If you have Modified GRF(1-29) and a GHRP (such as GHRP-6, GHRP-2, Ipamorelin) and it is like what is found in the studies (such as from Tom) then you may dose below saturation levels and receive a benefit. If you are anti-aging you may dose say 50mcg of each pre-bed and receive a benefit. The benefit will be better sleep, less waking during sleep and staying in the sleep cycle portion that is most restorative. This will aid normal recovery and promote well-being. I even have evidence that it has increased mineral bone density in a women with crippling bone degeneration.

LEVEL 2 – Saturation Dose Pre-bed only

A solid anti-aging approach would incorporate a saturation dose (either 100mcg of each or 1mcg per kg of body weight) of Modified GRF(1-29) and a GHRP (such as GHRP-6, GHRP-2, Ipamorelin). In addition a body sculptor will benefit primarily because just this one dose will entrain a better natural rhythm. In other words the natural rhythmic GH release will become more youthful, more pronounced. As a result there will be a better overall result for health, recovery and well being.

LEVEL 3 – Saturation Dose Pre-bed & PWO

Some minority of people have sleep interruption rather than better sleep from pre-bed dosing. Often a move from GHRP-6 or GHRP-2 to the smoother Ipamorelin will remedy this. If not moving the pre-bed dose to the morning often does.

A post workout (PWO) dose serves protein metabolism well. The GH pulse serves to increase net whole body and muscle protein synthesis and may serve to increase the PWO activation of factors such as MGF. A twice daily dosing of Modified GRF(1-29) and a GHRP (such as GHRP-6, GHRP-2, Ipamorelin) at saturation dose (either 100mcg of each or 1mcg per kg of body weight) serves the body sculptor well in the areas of recovery, some contribution to anabolism, injury healing, well being and as a serious anti-ager with body shaping goals serves those interests as well.

LEVEL 4 – Saturation Dose Pre-bed & PWO & Morning

The morning dose can serve multiple purposes. In fatloss mode it can serve to engage the release of fatty acids which can be used for energy in a subsequent fasted cardio session. This serves everyone’s purpose. Now the concept of getting in three dosings a day better serves anabolism and anti-catabolism. Retainment of amino acids surely is an anti-catabolic event but the act of having fat cells release fats is also an anti-catabolic event. The GH released from saturation doses of Modified GRF(1-29) and a GHRP (such as GHRP-6, GHRP-2, Ipamorelin) keeps an energy substrate in circulation which may be used as energy… it is anti-catabolic (in the sense of protective of muscle).

Local growth factors will rise as well and at three times per day dosing systemic IGF-1 will rise as well but well within the boundaries of physiology. There should be no enhanced health danger, no abnormal organ and structural growth. The environment that three times per day puts one in is conducive to body sculpting. The addition of other factors may be added to enhance anabolism or fatloss… these factors can add to GH’s contribution to shape change.

AT this level if you micro-dose (5 or so small doses over a small area at each of the days three dosings) near the site of injury you have enhanced healing power. This may come in part from the GHRPs non-growth hormone effects as they may be able to bind to receptors in local tissue and bring local effects surprisingly similar to IGF-1.

LEVEL 5 – Higher than Saturation doses

This is a rather subjective area. Everyone will receive an immediate and noticeable benefit from dosing say twice saturation dose. However there will be variation in the type of feedback that this brings. For some dosing this high brings back negative feedback which diminishes future pulses… a desensitization. The reason a LOT of foolish people swear by higher dosing is the inferior quality of their peptides and the fact that the net amount of a peptide is as low as a third of the total net weight. Therefore it isn’t surprising that people choose to dose 300mg of a peptide. In reality a clinical grade peptide such as Tom’s would produce the same effect at saturation dose.

I can only nod my head affirmatively to someone’s proposed use of doses well above saturation IF they are not using Tom’s peptides and need to attempt to get up to the level of efficaciousness we read about in the Journals.

Now if you have a potent peptide that is clinical grade from Tom then you can creep up the dose to 150mcg and even 200mcg with diminishing returns. I would suggest you do this no more than once a day and better sporadically primarily around cardio fatloss toggles (a toggle means a going back and forth between two objectives. A toggle for fatloss means that most of your protocol is devoted to fatloss and soon perhaps hours, maybe a day(s) you will swing back toward anabolism). I believe the better approach especially if the goal is anabolism would be to add a forth dosing described below rather then exceed saturation doses.

LEVEL 6 – Four or more Saturation Doses

When you dose three saturation doses (either 100mcg of each or 1mcg per kg of body weight) of Modified GRF(1-29) and a GHRP (such as GHRP-6, GHRP-2, Ipamorelin) or less you pretty much can do this indefinately without needing to worry about wastage or negative feedback. …if you ramp up to three times dosing side effects are usually minimal. As you move above that protocol things change… they change in several ways…

If you were fasting all day (or maintaining a caloric deficit and keeping insulin quiet) dosing four times spaced 3 to 3.5 hours apart will serve your fatloss goals well, provided you have enough activity to use up the liberated fat.

If anabolism is the goal, then you are moving into an area where systemic IGF-1 will begin to elevate; moving into high physiological , low pharmacological levels. Pulsation will remain. The local effects will be enhanced. Serious injuries may heal quicker. Against this background you will have better protein metabolism, enhanced local growth factors, more lipolysis and you are now into an area where you have an enhanced level of glucose disposal.

Side effects will increase subjectively. Many people can handle 4 or 5 times per day dosing. Many can not. Most will find it easily bearable. Four times per day is easily a scheme for the serious hobbiest and most certainly an area for those that truly know thier body’s and what they can get out of the scheme. It has worked extremely well for many high level bodybuilders and yes plenty of low level ones as well and who else… pro-athletes and non-pros. Why throw in the words high and pro? Because they catch people’s attention as… because I have that information, and because this stuff is not a hobbiest’s only endeavor anymore.

LEVEL 7 – Variable Saturation Doses + Growth Hormone

Depending on how you use it this doesn’t have to be such a high level. You could saturation dose (either 100mcg of each or 1mcg per kg of body weight) of Modified GRF(1-29) and a GHRP (such as GHRP-6, GHRP-2, Ipamorelin) pre-bed and PWO but add 2.5iu of GH 5 to 10 minutes after the PWO dose and that would be your protocol. That is a solid one… the body sees one big PWO pulse… there is enhanced protein synthesis an increase in local factors and the pulse gets back down within 3.5 hours so there is no negative feedback. This approach is a bodybuilder approach and needs no change up because desensitization is not likely.

The dosing patterns that involve the four or more saturation doses plus exogenous synthetic GH are the ones that are very high level. When you get to six time per day dosing spaced out every 3 to 3.5 hours you are creating elevations. A small portion of genetically unique people handle this differently then most. They do not get the intracellular signalling desensitization. In fact they are actually able to dose between natural pulses as well. For everyone else you are going to be chronically elevating IGF-1. Is this desirable? Well it is unhealthy but can serve a purpose if the level is not held for too long. This level coupled with insulin is likely to result in gut growth.

However keeping the dosing within a range that your genetics allow may mean that some can go 5 times a day with some of those times having GH add ons.

The best way to approach all of this is to mix the pattern…


I hope this helps! Any specific questions related to this post do not hesitate to ask in the comments section below or email us at info@austeroids.is
– Dave from Austeroids.is

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