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15 Responses
  1. I am about to finish a Test P Tren A cycle of 8 weeks duration.
    I wanted to cruise on 250 mg of Test E for 10 weeks to use all of the Test E.Then start another Test P and Tren A 8 week cycle. Then P.C.T.
    Will it be safe to do it?
    Cruisin on 250 mg of Test E will give me the Testosterone I need to function properly with a bit left over for its anabolic function. Does this sound ok with you Guys? With no AI the only time I have used it my good and bad colesterol was out of the normal.Bad colesterol was up and Good colesterol was down.

  2. Con

    I am having problems with Riodshop placed an an order with them about a week ago and have gotten nothing even thier email has been blocked can anyone shed some light as whats happening with them ?

  3. Damon

    Hey Jake I would like to recieve some help on purchasing CLEN from Napsgear through Western Union – would you mind hooking me up with the address for the completion of the transaction.

    Thank you!

  4. Jake Archer

    Not much has changed. Orals are better, anything in vials is the worse. From feedback it seems about 70% gear still gets through.

  5. Jake Archer

    They had to change names as gear oz domains were getting shut down quickly.

    Can now be found at

  6. Tyrell

    Hey jake can you send me some pages where i can order from Germany. Last few pages i used end up getting stopped on customs as its coming from outside the eu. It be a great help

  7. Jake Archer

    Try Napsgear they have some European companies, so hopefully they will avoid customs for you.

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