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What are my athletes doing to monitor their recoverability?

One of the best and worst behaviours about elite level athletes is that they have the will to push their bodies to the limit. As much as that personality trait is necessary to get to the top, it can also be a hindrance if an athlete does not know when it’s time to rest and recover. The Oura Ring 2 is (to my knowledge) the only device that measures HRV while you sleep on a millisecond by millisecond timeline.


The Oura Ring 2 also has published research papers to provide the evidence that their device isn’t just another gimmick. Knowing your HRV is an evidence-based metric that in short can tell you if you’re ready to push hard today or back off. In my experience, elite level athletes want to push hard every day no matter how they feel. Sometimes, we need a coach or piece of technology to tell us that it’s beneficial for us to take a day off. At the end of the day, we are after optimal sports performance, not psychological relief. I know how hard it is to take a day off, but sometimes you have to.


What is the performance enhancement drug of the week?

Sleep. Say what? Yep, sleep. I cannot tell you how many emails I get that outline to me an athlete isn’t getting the results they want from their recent drug stack. Upon further investigation, it’s alarming how many athletes are not prioritising sleep hygiene. Make no mistake about it. If you do not sleep long enough and sleep well enough, you’re not going to be a champion. However, how long and how well you sleep is a personalised answer. The Oura Ring 2 will also keep track of this too. And no, I do not have any financial interests in the Oura Ring 2 or its company. Feel free to hit me up with some benefits if you’re reading this but Oura! Do you have issues with sleep? Feel free to email us. It may be time to release my thoughts on how to get a good night’s sleep (when you’re all jacked up on performance enhancing drugs).


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